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  • Successful Leaders’ Top Secrets to Overcoming Adversity - Everyone struggles with one thing or another, and no one’s life is perfect. Realizing some key things and following good tips for overcoming the rough patches of your life helps ease the blow. Use the following to help you overcome your challenges and become better, stronger and more resilient than ever before! Dealing with Adversity and How It Takes Its Toll Negativity is everywhere, from TV to gossipy co-workers. It can’t always be controlled, but it can be monitored and manipulated. Definition of adversity: When a hardship, unexpected event or life transition occurs, and we are left to pick up
  • The Top Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity - Meditations offer many benefits, from inner peace to overall health. Whether you want to feel better about your body, or learn a new way to de-stress after a hard day at the office, these three meditations for prosperity and happiness will do the trick! What Happiness Is, and How to Improve Yours! Happiness is the ability to feel euphoric emotions and experience satisfaction, joy, and acceptance in your life and about yourself. Get more happiness by seeking it internally rather than externally. Lasting happiness isn’t found in a shopping spree or a luxury cruise—it is found in how content you
  • The 5 Best Visualizations for Finding True Love (and How to Get the Results You Want!) - If you want to find (and keep) your soul mate, it’s all about using mind-power tools to help you manifest what you want. When it comes to tools, visualizations are some of the best ways to attract love into your life—for good. Use the following visualizations and tips to build a long-term relationship of passion and unconditional love! Why Visualizations Work Using visualizations is a positive way to train your mind to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with a joyful and prosperous train of thought. The premise of visualizations is that thoughts are as real and powerful
  • Is It Really Possible to Forgive and Forget? - While you may not be able to forget the pain that someone or something has caused you, it is possible to forgive. Forgiveness is essential for your own growth and evolution as a person, and helpful to the person who has harmed you as well. Learn about what forgiveness really means, and how to get to the point of forgiveness so that you can bring more happiness into your life as a result. What Is Forgiveness? The ability to fully accept someone’s wrongdoing; to let go of anger, resentment, and hate; to say goodbye to feelings of negativity and say
  • How to Raise Your Vibrations to Improve Your Life’s Success - If you want more joy, love and happiness in your life, change your thoughts! As the rule of the Universe goes, it’s imperative to think positive thoughts to operate at a high vibration (which will in turn attract more good to your life). When you think thoughts of negativity, fear or anger, you operate at a low vibration and dismiss the good from coming your way. So, take a powerful dose of life success by raising your vibration—and learn how to do that in this article! The Basics of Vibrations We are all energy, as are the thoughts we think,
  • Increase Your Positivity with These 14 Tips for an Optimistic Outlook on Life! - Changing your attitude is crucial if you want to find more happiness. It’s not what’s “out there” that matters, but what you think about yourself that changes the world. So, what are you going to do about it? Feel better about yourself and the world you live in by using any number of these tips, and create a blissful life as a result! Sing a Happy Song Every Time Something Gets You Down! When stressed, worried or overcome by a person’s negative reaction to something you’ve said or done, think of a song that makes you happy and play it
  • How Can You Live Your Life without Regret? - Living your life regretting the many things you did do, or didn’t have the courage to do, is never something you want to aim for. Like all things in life, it’s possible not to take advantage of situations for fear of what might happen should you take a risk. Use this guide to help you avoid regretting a moment of your life, and as a result, live the best life possible! What Does It Mean to Regret? To feel remorse for something that you were afraid to do; you spend the rest of your life wishing you had. To feel
  • How Can You Enhance Your Persuasion Power? - Are you persuasive, or do you get run over by others who persuade you to do what they want you to do (instead of what you want to do)? Whether you deal with a boss, parent, sibling or child who is challenging, enhancing your power of persuasion is the answer! Here are some of the easiest ways to motivate others to think how you do. Benefits of Being a Highly Persuasive Force of Nature! Helps you win people over, from your boss to your spouse (and everyone in between). Allows you to be an effective leader—from the best candidate for
  • Do Affirmations Really Work? - If thoughts are things, then affirmations work to improve the things in your life! Whether you need to change the success of your love life, your work life or your spiritual connection, there is the perfect affirmation for anything that needs improvement. How Affirmations Work The intention of using affirmations is to focus on what you can control, and improve your mood by attracting positivity to you. Focus on positive thoughts of intention. This will motivate you to take action, gain confidence and improve what you think you can do—and when you are sure that you can do something, you
  • Can You Enhance Your Life by Thinking with Your Gut, Instead of Your Brain? - When you think intellectually, you think and reason from a rational mindset. When you think intuitively, you think from a place of deep knowing and wisdom. Learn about the many ways you can enhance your physical and spiritual life by thinking with your gut. Your Left vs. Right Brain Left brain – Analytical, intellectual and rational. Right brain – Creatively inclined, intuitive, thoughtful and sensitive. Which one are you—left-brained or right-brained? Do you focus on solving things, or helping people? Whether you’re left- or right-brained, focus on thinking intuitively (not intellectually) in order to stay on your life’s true path,

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